No Fake Bearings

For many years now, NBR consistently and successfully takes actions against plagiarism of the brand NBR Premium Housing Bearing. This always involves cooperation with other companies and government agencies. In this process, NBR follows a rigorous Zero-tolerance strategy, which means that even the alleged cases will be consistently inspected and tracked on a global level.

The most important aspects for the users are, naturally, the safety risks. Housing bearings of a lower quality can cause failures which are not only associated with economic risks but also with accidents and/or risks of injuries.
NBR sets the strictest standards for quality and quality assessment as per AQL DIN ISO 2859-1, which ensures product safety.

Furthermore, product piracy violates the law on copyright and industrial property, such as patents and trademarks.

Due to the fact that the counterfeit products in most cases look like the original products and are also distributed as originals, in most cases only the skilled specialists are able to identify them.

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Development, Modification and Processing

Individual applications require individual bearing solutions.

Individual tasks often arise from specific environmental and operating conditions, for which a corresponding individual, workable solution proposal must be prepared.

Examples thereof are bearings with

  • different geometric parameters
  • special materials
    (stainless steel, ceramics, modern high-performance plastics),
  • special heat treatments,
  • special varnish,
  • special lubricants.

Significant application optimisations are often possible thanks to using and/or combining innovative lubricants, with the aid of new materials and/or modifications in terms of dimensions.

The goals in this respect are

  • production-related
  • reduction of acquisition costs
  • maximising the useful life
  • minimisation of failure risks
  • optimisation of maintenance intervals.

The technical optimisation is in this process given the same attention as the economic optimisation.

Damage Diagnostics and Optimisation

Has a bearing damage already occurred? You want to know the causes and derive optimisation possibilities from them?

The experts from NBR will support you in determining the cause of the damage through damage assessment and wear and tear characteristics assessment with the aid of a variety of inspection methods and provide you with respective recommendations for future prevention of damages.

You have a question from the areas of development, modification or damage analysis?

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