Adapter sleeves

The adapter sleeve is a tried-and-trusted machine element for connecting a ball bearing insert (UK use) with conic bore (taper 1:12) on a cylindrical shaft. The adapter sleeve is made up of a tapered sleeve, a groove nut and a locking plate.

Common standards for adapter sleeves are DIN 5415 (description and allocation of adapter sleeve, nut and locking plate), DIN 5406 (locking plate) and DIN 981 (counternut).

This type of attachment is suitable for higher speeds where greater running smoothness is required, and is suitable for reversing operation. The requirements made on the shaft tolerance are somewhat less demanding than those made on cylindrical bearing seats. The steel used must have a minimum material strength of 430 N/mm².

Adapter sleeves influence the adjustment of the bearing slackness of a bearing insert since the inner race is widened. For this reason, the tightening torques specified by the manufacturer must be heeded (danger of overheating). 

In addition, the right assembly order must be observed. The housing of the bearing unit may only be mounted after the adapter sleeve has been fixed in place. Otherwise there could be axial tension with excessive bearing loads.

H 305
Adapter sleeve
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  • d (mm)25
  • d1 (mm)20
  • d2 (mm)38
  • B1 (mm)29
  • B2 (mm)8
  • G (mm)M25x1,5
  • Anzugsdrehmoment (Nm)20
  • Gewicht in kg0,07
  • MutterKM5