Ball bearing units (pillow blocks)

Ball bearing units are ready-to-install ball bearing units which are usually screwed in an upright position on a mounting surface.

The housings are designed either in one piece (to support low loads) with a special ball bearing or in two pieces (to support higher loads) with standard self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings.

On account of the straightforward design and respectively low manufacturing costs, single-piece bearing units are increasingly being used.
Misalignment or bending of shafts by up to 5° can be compensated by the convex design of the ball bearing outer race. This moves within the ball-shaped bearing seat (angular movement) in the housing and also prevents edge pressing between balls and raceway.

The most common designation for the ball bearing units is "P". The subsequent 3-digit code designates the respective ball bearing inserts. The code P 206, for example: Here, the letter P stands for the housing. The number 2 stands for the middle ball bearing series (here 62-series) and the following numbers 06 stand for the matching bearing insert with the bore code 06. This means that the housing can be combined with all bearing inserts with bore code 06 (UC 206, HC 206, SA 206, SB 206, CS 206).
The materials and lubricants used are the same for all ball bearing units.